Ceresana Single-Client Studies


When preparing single-client market studies, the fulfillment of individual requirements and objectives is most important. Therefore, the planning and implementation are realized in close cooperation with you to ensure that your aims and wishes are considered.


A comprehensive, systematic, and methodical basis, throughout all steps of preparation of our studies (single-client and multi-client), is a basic fundamental for us. Through our many years of experience in the sectors mobility, plastics, chemicals, industry, and packaging, we know how to compile studies, which contain relevant market information, are objective and practical, and have a focus on implementation. This way, you will get a full and reliable picture of your competitive situation and future market development.


Every step in the process of study development is accompanied by a constant quality check. This allows us to ensure a maximum level of quality of our studies. In the scope of quality management, we strive to constantly improve the excellence of our studies.

If you are interested in a single-client study, please contact us without commitment.




Single-client studies are tailor-made to your requirements:


Your inquiry

Tell us which information you need on products, application areas, market participants, and countries/regions.


Determining the goals

We cooperate with you to define the goals and content of your study as well as the feasible and necessary contents of the tailor-made report, such as

  • consumption split by fields of application,
  • consumption split by countries, regions,
  • production and capacities,
  • innovations and trends,
  • revenues and prices,
  • cost structure,
  • imports and exports.

Together, we plan the schedule to find the perfect solution for you. In doing so, you can determine the scope and depth of the research and analysis.



Then, we send you an offer tailored to your needs: Time and costs, research, analysis, and goals of the study. Of course, you have the possibility to change content and scope of the report.



After confirmation of the offer, we immediately start with the project. We select and analyze all the necessary information from our databanks, statistics, interviews, and other sources by well-proven methods. As a matter of course, we continuously check consistency and reliability of data.



Our market research experts professionally evaluate the acquired information and facts according to the appropriate analytical methods. In addition, we apply our knowledge and expertise to add reliable forecasts.



In the evaluation phase, we analyze and select the collected data and verify consistency of the gathered information. Additionally, we evaluate current publications on market developments and innovations. This way, we ensure maximum precision and reliability of information.


Actual state analysis

Using the evaluated information, our next step is to analyze the current situation of the selected market. In this phase, our objective is to take the vast amount of information and create a clear and understandable picture of the market situation.



With the current situation as our foundation, we then utilize qualitative and quantitative measures to develop a prognosis of future development. With regard to these forecasts, emphasis is placed on the areas of production and demand development, the competitive situation, technological innovations, and price development.



Finally, we offer you the results via a findings presentation and/or a written report. In doing so, we put special emphasis on a structured and comprehensible presentation of the information, which enables you a comprehensive overview of all essential connections.



For making the best use of the results, you can count on our industry knowledge and consulting expertise. We show you how to benefit from the results and provide recommendations for action, so that you can immediately translate this knowledge advantage into a sustained competitive edge in business.


If you are interested in a customized single-client study, please contact us by clicking here.


Ceresana Analytical Methods


When developing a study, we apply all established methods of analysis. Our proficiencies include, for example:


Competitor Analysis

Compilation of relevant profiles of current and potential competitors, and additional analysis of the competitors regarding strengths, weaknesses, strategies, objectives, etc.


Market Analysis

Evaluation of market volumes, development potentials, market shares, price developments, product life cycle phases, the competition situation, etc. for miscellaneous product groups at the national and worldwide levels


Customer Analysis

Analysis of current and potential customers concerning satisfaction, requirements, socio-demographic criteria, etc.


Market Due Diligence

Analysis of markets and companies as well as review of planning, data sources, and success factors


Environmental Scanning

Identification of relevant market developments and market specific qualities, for example (possible) market entry of suppliers, technological innovations, and established entry barriers


Market Segmentation and Target Group Analysis

Segmentation of the whole heterogeneous market in homogenous sub-segments and evaluation of profitable target groups


Positioning Strategies

Assessment of your position on the market in comparison to competitors and development of optimal positioning strategies



Comparison of processes and products of your company with competitors or leaders in other branches, and thereupon constructive formulation of improvement possibilities



Analysis of opportunities and threats resulting from market dynamics, in relation to the strengths and weaknesses of your company. Derivation of strategies to secure long-term competitiveness


Scenario Planning/ Simulation

Conception of alternative future scenarios which indicate possible developments and depict potential effects on your company (for example, development of demand, price evolution for raw materials, market entry of new competitors, legal restrictions)



Integrated evaluation of products regarding relevant and desired product characteristics, on behalf of customers

If you are interested in a single-client study from Ceresana, we would be glad to establish contact with you, without commitment. We guarantee complete privacy in the handling of your information.