Ceresana NewsCeresana Researchhttp://www.ceresana.com/en/News about Ceresana researchenMon, 26 Oct 2020 04:37:27 +0000Mon, 26 Oct 2020 04:37:27 +0000Contenido CMSinfo@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)12Ceresana News14442https://www.ceresana.com/cache/3b7d324fc688ce59a381919faf6544a8.pnghttp://www.ceresana.com/en/Improved Prospects: Ceresana Expects Growing World Market for Plastic WindowsAfter more than ten boom years, the construction industry is spoiled by success. Even the corona pandemic has not yet had a great impact, since the order books are still well filled. However, thehttps://www.ceresana.com/en/market-studies/industry/plastic-windows-world/ceresana-market-study-plastic-windows-world.htmlFri, 18 Sep 2020 10:00:18 +0000info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)Hard and Soft at the Same Time: Ceresana Examines the World Market for Thermoplastic ElastomersThermoplastic elastomers (TPE) combine the advantages of rubber and plastic. They are elastic, pliable, and flexible like vulcanized elastomers at room temperature; however, when they are heated, theyhttps://www.ceresana.com/en/market-studies/plastics/thermoplastic-elastomers/market-study-thermoplastic-elastomers.htmlWed, 16 Sep 2020 14:57:18 +0000info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)Practical concentrate: Ceresana study on the world market for plastic masterbatchesWhy complicate things when you can make them simple? Colorants and flavors for beverages are often not directly mixed with water and prefabricated, ready-to-use syrup concentrates are used instead. Inhttps://www.ceresana.com/en/market-studies/plastics/masterbatches/ceresana-market-study-masterbatches.htmlMon, 03 Aug 2020 10:21:44 +0000info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)Insulating and saving: new Ceresana report on the world market for insulation materialsChoosing the right insulation material is a science in itself: it should insulate well, be robust and inexpensive, quick to install, but also environmentally friendly, fireproof, durable, and easy tohttps://www.ceresana.com/en/market-studies/industry/insulation-material-world/ceresana-market-study-insulation-material-world.htmlFri, 31 Jul 2020 09:08:52 +0000info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)Colorful palette: Ceresana examines the world market for pigmentsSmall particles provide orientation and signal effect as well as camouflage and sun protection, if necessary: pigments are coloring substances that are essentially insoluble in water or otherhttps://www.ceresana.com/en/market-studies/chemicals/pigments/ceresana-market-study-pigments.htmlThu, 23 Jul 2020 11:00:23 +0000info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)Global Growth Trends despite Corona: Ceresana Updates Report on the World Market for Plastic PipesThe construction industry has so far been able to cope with the corona crisis better than other sectors. Manufacturers of plastic pipes, which depend primarily on the development of the constructionhttps://www.ceresana.com/en/news/press-release-market-report-plastic-pipes-world-ceresana.htmlMon, 15 Jun 2020 14:31:26 +0000info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)Solid study: current report by Ceresana about global market for adhesivesWhether for smartphones or sports shoes, insulating glass windows, cars, airplanes or even repairs in the recycling industry: adhesive bonding technology is an innovative key technology in a widehttps://www.ceresana.com/en/market-studies/industry/adhesives-world/ceresana-market-study-adhesives-world.htmlFri, 24 Apr 2020 08:02:08 +0000info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)Mixed prospects: new Ceresana study on the European market for windows and doorsThe corona pandemic and the respective global containment measures are causing massive economic disruption, which is also damaging the supposedly solid construction industry. With this study, Ceresanahttps://www.ceresana.com/en/market-studies/industry/windows-and-doors-europe/ceresana-market-study-windows-and-doors-europe.htmlFri, 24 Apr 2020 08:02:04 +0000info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)Colorful growth: Ceresana examines the European market for paints and coatingsPaints and coatings are not only useful for decoration, they can also provide protection. Hospital walls, for example, are increasingly often given antibacterial properties. Extremely thin but veryhttps://www.ceresana.com/en/market-studies/industry/paints-coatings-europe/market-study-on-paints-coatings-europe.htmlMon, 16 Mar 2020 11:51:48 +0000info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)Well connected: Ceresana report on the European market for plastic pipesDemand for plastic pipes is rising in many European countries. New apartments are currently built in metropolitan areas in particular. The construction industry is, however, not booming in all areas:https://www.ceresana.com/en/market-studies/industry/plastic-pipes-europe/ceresana-market-study-plastic-pipes-europe.htmlTue, 10 Mar 2020 17:00:49 +0000info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)Flexible and robust: new Ceresana study about the global market for polyethylene - LLDPELinear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is one of the most widely used types of standard plastics. Other varieties of polyethylene, especially LDPE and HDPE, are sometimes easier to process; however,https://www.ceresana.com/en/market-studies/plastics/polyethylene-lldpe/polyethylene-lldpe-market-share-capacity-demand-supply-forecast-innovation-application-growth-production-size-industry.htmlThu, 05 Mar 2020 12:41:53 +0000info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)Green boom: Ceresana forecasts further growth for bioplasticsPolylactic acids, starch blends, cellulose, and other bioplastics achieve significantly higher growth rates than conventional standard plastics made of mineral oils or natural gases.https://www.ceresana.com/en/market-studies/plastics/bioplastics/Tue, 18 Feb 2020 17:03:14 +0000info@ceresana.com (Ceresana Research)