Tough and Efficient: Ceresana Study on the Global Market for Plastic Pipes

At first sight, digitization and pipes do not have a lot in common. But around the world, large amounts of money are currently being invested in the expansion of the fiber optic network. “To protect the expensive cables against harmful environmental influences, cable protection pipes made of plastic are needed,” Oliver Kutsch, CEO of Ceresana, explains. “This is one example of how current mega trends are influencing traditional segments.” The market research company Ceresana analyzed the global market for plastic pipes for the third time already. Analysts expect market volume to increase to a level of more than USD 110 million by 2025.

Market Study: Plastic Pipes - World (3rd ed.)

Plastic Pipes Against the Drought 

The current drought affecting almost the complete Northern hemisphere is an enormous agricultural challenge. Efficient irrigation systems can at least reduce crop loss. In addition to the use of suitable sensor technology, especially maintenance-friendly plastic pipes can guarantee the low-loss distribution of the valuable resource water. Since an increase of extreme weather phenomena can be expected, plastic pipes for agricultural irrigation will experience a growing demand. Ceresana expects an increase of the worldwide demand by about 4.8% per year.


Returning Optimism in China and Russia 

The underlying trend to replace pipes made of steel, stoneware, and other material with plastic pipes is overlaid by current economic development. Political uncertainties, decreasing public expenditure, or missing private investments can have similarly drastic effects on the construction industry and the pipe market as targeted support for single construction segments. The intensity of the promotion of investments in the segment irrigation or the expansion of the fiber optic network varies from country to country. Currently, the outlook for the important markets in China and Russia, for example, has brightened again.


Increasing Competition for PVC

The demand for plastic pipes particularly depends on the development of the construction industry. For the construction industry, plastic turned into a real alternative to other materials. The degree of importance various application areas have for different types of pipes, however, varies considerably. For example, pipes made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are relatively cheap and are thus used extensively in the sewage, potable water, and cable protection sectors. However, pipes based on polypropylene and polyethylene are increasingly competing with PVC-pipes in potable water supply – and they are already playing an important role in both gas supply and industrial applications.


The Study in Brief: 

Chapter 1 provides a description and analysis of the global market for plastic pipes – including forecasts up to 2025: Revenues generated with plastic pipes and production of and demand for plastic pipes are given for each region.

Chapter 2 examines the 16 major countries in more detail: Revenues, import, and export are indicated here. Production and demand volume is split by the plastic types polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and other plastics. In addition, the demand of each country is split by application areas.

Chapter 3 analyzed the demand development of plastic pipes in the individual world regions and countries, split by the application areas sewage, potable water, cable protection, gas supply, agriculture, industry, and other applications.

Chapter 4 provides an overview of the demand for individual types of pipes split by the national markets. A distinction is made between pipes made of polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, and other plastics.

Chapter 5 provides company profiles of the largest manufacturers of plastic pipes – clearly arranged according to contact details, revenues, profit, product range, production sites, and profile summary. In-depth profiles of 97 producers are given, including Nan Ya Plastics Corp., Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., National Oilwell Varco, Inc., Fletcher Building Ltd., Mexichem, S.A.B. de C.V., Georg Fischer AG, Aliaxis S.A., Tessenderlo Chemie NV, Aalberts Industries N.V., and China Lesso Group Holdings Ltd.


About Ceresana

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