Water-based Growth: Ceresana publishes new report on the European market for paints and coatings

Manufacturers of paints and coatings are particularly dependent on the construction industry, but benefit less directly from government support programs than producers of insulation materials, for example. Crises and high construction costs are reducing demand in the current year. In the longer term, however, Ceresana analysts continue to expect slight growth. Ceresana has analyzed the European market for paints and coatings for the fifth time: In 2021, 9.23 million tonnes of these coatings were consumed.

Market Study: Paints & Coatings - Europe

The Construction Industry is the Main Customer

The new report examines coating demand in the various application areas. Paints and coatings are primarily sought after by the construction industry: architectural coatings are needed for residential construction, i.e., facade and interior wall paints, but also for commercial construction and infrastructure projects. Market researchers at Ceresana forecast that around 58% of these coatings will be consumed by the European construction industry in 2031. The second largest application area for paints and coatings is industrial goods, especially vehicles. The economic situation in the individual European countries varies greatly. Overall, Ceresana expects demand for paints and coatings in the industrial sector to grow by an average of 1.5% per year.

Growing Market for Water-Based Paints

Acrylic paints currently account for around 30% of total European paint demand. However, growing interest in sustainability and environmental protection is promoting water-based coatings and other environmentally friendly alternatives. Water-based paints and coatings already account for 58.4% of the total market in Europe. Ceresana's study examines sales by product type: from paints and coatings based on acrylic, vinyl, alkyd, epoxy, polyurethane (PUR) and polyester to products based on other raw materials.

Industry Analysis on Paints and Coatings in Europe

Chapter 1 offers a comprehensive presentation and analysis of the European market for paints and coatings - including forecasts up to 2031: the development of demand, revenues, and production is shown.
The application areas of paints and coatings are considered individually. A distinction is made between construction, industry, vehicles, wood processing and other applications. In addition, demand is broken down by product types: Vinyl, acrylic, alkyd, epoxy, PUR, polyester, other polymers and other paints and coatings. Further, the study provides a breakdown of market data into individual technologies: Water-based, solvent-based, powder coatings, other paints and coatings.

In Chapter 2 23 European sales markets are considered individually: beside most EU-Countries Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey are addressed as well. Shown in each case are: demand, revenues, trade and production of paints and coatings, as well as demand broken down by individual application areas, product types and technologies.

Chapter 3 offers company profiles of the most important paint and coatings producers in Europe, clearly arranged according to contact details, revenues, profit, product range, production sites and short profile. Detailed profiles are provided by 91 manufacturers of paints and coatings, e.g., AkzoNobel N.V., Altana AG, BASF Coatings GmbH, DAW SE, Hempel AS, Jotun AS, PPG Industries, Inc., Sherwin-Williams Sweden AB, Sika AG, and Sto SE & Co. KGaA.

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