Market Reports: Packaging

In Western industrial countries, unpackaged goods are only conceivable in very few segments. The packaging industry is constantly responding to changes in consumer needs. Important current trends are sustainability, product safety, material savings through lightweighting, e-commerce, and the growing convenience orientation of many customers. In regard to the latter trend, stand-up pouches represent a growth engine for the flexible packaging and food packaging markets. The demand for light and stable plastic packaging is currently being fueled by the trend towards read-to-eat or ready-to-serve food. When it comes to sustainability, no other packaging material offers such good conditions for recycling and reprocessing as metal. Corrugated board and cardboard, on the other hand, are the most frequently used materials in the growing online trade.


Market Research on the Packaging Industry

The industry analyses by Ceresana examine both rigid packaging, e.g. made of plastics, as well as flexible packaging, such as plastic films and bags & sacks. Caps and closures are an important part of packaging and containers as well. Furthermore, labels are used on the majority of packaging in order to inform about the product and make it more appealing.


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