Our Market Reports – Benefit as well!

In-Depth Analysis

Companies from all over the world already profit from our market studies. Our structured and systematic research and analysis provide you with the market knowledge for your success as well.


Reliable and Relevant Data

We offer reliable product and market forecasts and shed light on trends, opportunities, and risks. Besides up-to-date information, our reports also include data on development of revenues, capacities, and demand as well as on the most important manufacturers.


Extensive Offering

Ceresana offers over 75 high-quality reports on the chemical industry, plastic industry, packaging industry, and industrial products. All market studies are available in English and German.


Single-Client Market Studies

The report topic you need is not included in the list? Feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail. We will gladly discuss the possibilities of customized single-client studies with you.


Understanding of Markets

✓ Where are opportunities for your company?
✓ Where are potential future markets?
✓ How high is the market growth per country?
✓ What are the current economic, political, and industry-specific trends?


Keep Focus on Competition

✓ What do competitors offer their clients?
✓ Which product innovations are there?
✓ Where are new market entries or M&A?
✓ How are competitors positioned?


Analyze Your Value Chain

✓ Where do ideal procurement, production, and sales conditions prevail?
✓ What are the most important market actors?
✓ Are imports or exports advisable?
✓ Who are possible business partners?


Identify Demand and Customers

✓ What are possible application areas?
✓ Who are the most important customers?
✓ Where are further target groups?
✓ What is the trend of demand?


We provide the answers.


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