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Understanding of Markets

✓ Where are opportunities for your company?
✓ Where are potential future markets?
✓ How high is the market growth per country?
✓ What are the current economic, political, and industry-specific trends?


Keep Focus on Competition

✓ What do competitors offer their clients?
✓ Which product innovations are there?
✓ Where are new market entries or M&A?
✓ How are competitors positioned?


Analyze Your Value Chain

✓ Where do ideal procurement, production, and sales conditions prevail?
✓ What are the most important market actors?
✓ Are imports or exports advisable?
✓ Who are possible business partners?


Identify Demand and Customers

✓ What are possible application areas?
✓ Who are the most important customers?
✓ Where are further target groups?
✓ What is the trend of demand?


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