About Ceresana

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Ceresana is one of the globally leading market research institutes and specialized in the segments chemicals, plastics, packaging, and industrial goods. We are your knowledge partner for profound industrial market research. Our mission is to assist companies in making strategic decisions so that optimal results can be achieved.


Reliable Data and Facts

As one of the major market research companies for the industry, Ceresana is the only one that was founded in and is headquartered in Germany. We support companies of all sizes worldwide with current data and facts. Due to the business-relevant information we provide, our customers achieve considerable competitive advantages and are sustainably strengthened.


Expertise and Experience

Ceresana has over 15 years of experience and an excellent reputation in analyzing markets, companies, and products – global, regional, and country-specific. Our active team constantly analyzes industrial markets and their development. We provide practice-related results by means of profound professional and methodical expertise. Already 10,000 customers trust our knowledge.


Our Market Studies - Your Success

As our customer, you profit from over 90 multi-client market studies. We offer extensive studies both on the global as well as on the European market. Of course, we will also gladly cater to your requirements. We provide you with single-client studies that meet your specific needs. Communication and reliability as a basis for a successful cooperation are very important to us. With our services, you will obtain the decisive knowledge edge so that you can create the foundation for your sustainable success.



We are your partner for industrial market research „made in Germany“


Our core competencies are:

-          Chemicals

-          Plastics

-          Industrial goods

-          Packaging


Our customers

We already support the following renowned companies in making their operative and strategic decisions with our market analyses: