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  • Ceresana is an international leading market research company, providing industrial market reports. We are specialized in the chemicals industry, the plastic industry, the packaging industry, and in industrial goods and products. Our market reports indicate relevant data and facts about the latest market developments and forecasts e.g. demand, production, revenues, import and export, capacities, manufacturers, and trends. In our market reports we analyze countries, regions and the global market.

    For over 15 years, we provide more than 10,000 satisfied customers from 60 countries with up-to-date analyses. Profit from our reliable methods and extensive market knowledge – we create new perspectives for strategic and operative decisions.

    Our employees have many years of industry experience and expert knowledge of diverse fields. Thus, an objective and implementation-oriented processing of all relevant market data is guaranteed. As an independent market research company, we have specialized in the analysis of industrial goods.


  • 09/2018 Market Analysis: Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) [3rd ed.]

    Ceresana analyzes the global market for titanium dioxide along its whole value-added chain already for the third time. On the one hand, the titanium dioxide feedstock is examined: from the naturally occurring raw materials ilmenite and rutile to the intermediates titanium slag and synthetic rutile up to their applications. On the other hand, the most important market is treated: titanium dioxide pigments. The study contains data on the development of demand, production, revenues, capacities, and trade with forecasts until 2025. Furthermore, the application areas of titanium dioxide pigments are analyzed.

  • 08/2018 Market Study: Plastic Pipes (3rd ed.)

    The completely revised study on the global market for plastic pipes provides market analyses on demand, revenues, and production in 7 world regions and 16 countries for the years 2009 to 2025. Demand development is further split by individual application areas. For each country, production and demand volumes are split by the plastic types polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and other plastics.

  • 08/2018 Market Study: Synthetic Rubber (E-SBR, S-SBR, BR, EPDM, IIR, NBR, CR & IR) [3rd ed.]

    The global market analysis Synthetic Rubber includes data on demand, revenues, production, and capacities for 6 world regions from 2009 to 2025. Furthermore, 25 countries are examined regarding demand, revenues, demand per application, demand per rubber type, production, trade, and capacities. Consumption volume per region and country is split by: tires, automotive, industry and construction products, modification, and other applications.

  • 07/2018 Market Analysis: Insulation Material - World (2nd ed.)

    The second study on the global market for insulation material by Ceresana provides you with data on demand, production, and revenues. 7 world regions and 16 countries are analyzed separately with figures from 2009 to 2025. Demand and production are split by the insulation material types EPS & XPS, PUR, stone wool, and glass wool.

  • 07/2018 Market Analysis: Butadiene Rubber (BR)

    For the first time, Ceresana examined the global market for butadiene rubber (BR). The report analyzes the development of demand, revenues, and production for 6 world regions. Furthermore, 18 countries are examined according to demand, trade, production, capacities, and revenues. Demand is split by the application areas tires, modification, and industry & others.

  • 06/2018 Market Report: Plastic Windows - World (2nd ed.)

    Ceresana analyzed the global market for plastic windows already for the second time. The study examines demand, revenues, and production for 16 countries and 6 world regions from 2008 to 2024. Consumption is split by the construction segments new construction and renovation as well as residential construction and non-residential construction.


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