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Market Study: Polyethylene LLDPE (UC-9805) 

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Polyethylene plastics are distinguished according to their density and the branching of their polymer chains. LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) is one of the most versatile types of polyethylene. The production of films, special flexible packaging films as well as bags and sacks consumes the by far largest amount of LLDPE. Global revenues generated with LLDPE amounted to US$40.0 billion in 2013. The market research institute Ceresana expects market value to increase by 3.9% p.a. until 2021.

LLDPE Growing Stronger than LDPE
The markets in North America and Western Europe are the worldwide second and third largest sales markets for LLDPE. But these will grow at the, in an international comparison, lowest growth rates of hardly more than 1% per year. Yet growth prospects are still better than those for other types of polyethylene such as LDPE or HDPE. The largest sales market is Asia-Pacific that consumed 11.3 million tonnes of LLDPE in 2013. We forecast an increase of another third of this amount to occur in this region until 2021. The Middle East and South America are also projected to develop at high growth rates in upcoming years.

Shale Gas Boom Influences Prices and Capacities
The shale gas boom in the US has considerable influence on the development of the global market for polyethylenes (including LLDPE). The strong decline of prices for ethane has led to a number of new ethane crackers being built. Cracking ethane yields a higher amount of ethylene than does the cracking of naphtha or other feedstocks. As a result of these projects, production capacities for polyethylene in the US are rising. Faced with increasing pricing pressure, several European producers have announced to either close their crackers or to change over to using imported ethane as feedstock. Western Europe is the only world region reducing output of LLDPE by closing production sites and the decision not to increase capacities.

Immense Exports from the Middle East

Thanks to an increase of production capacities, Asia-Pacific can continuously reduce net imports. Imports of LLDPE into China, the by far largest importer, are stagnating, as the increasing demand is satisfied by the high number of domestic producers by now. The largest net exporter is the Middle East, exporting almost 3 million tonnes, the majority of which originates in Saudi Arabia. North America is the only other export region with the US in particular continuously increasing export volume.

Films Dominate Market
LLDPE is most commonly used for the production of films. About 81% of total demand in 2013 were processed in the segment films, with packaging films being the largest segment, closely followed by the sector bags and sacks. Other important applications are rigid packaging and construction products.

Film Extrusion Most Common Process Technology
In all regions, the by far largest amount of LLDPE is processed using film extrusion. All other processes, namely other extrusion, injection molding and others (e.g. blow-molding and rotomolding), consumed only about a fifth of total demand.

The Study in Brief:

Chapter 1 provides a presentation and analysis of the LLDPE market - including forecasts up to 2021: for each region, demand, revenues and production will be explained. Additionally, demand per processing technology (film extrusion, other extrusion, injection molding, and other processes) will be analyzed.

Chapter 2 provides 25 country profiles which list LLDPE demand, revenues, production as well as imports and exports. Demand for LLDPE split by applications is examined in more detail for the 16 largest countries.

Chapter 3 offers a detailed analysis of applications for LLDPE. Data on demand development in individual applications is given for the world as a whole and split by the regions Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

Chapter 4 provides profiles of the largest manufacturers of LLDPE, clearly arranged according to contact details, turnover, profit, product range, production sites, profile summary, products, and applications. Extensive profiles of 88 manufacturers are given, including Dow, ExxonMobil, SINOPEC, CNPC, SABIC, Braskem, CPChem, Mitsubishi Chemical, Borealis, and Nova Chemicals.

Table of Contents

1 Market Data
1.1 World
1.1.1 Demand
1.1.2 Revenues
1.1.3 Production and Capacities
1.2 Western Europe
1.3 Eastern Europe
1.4 North America
1.5 South America
1.6 Asia-Pacific
1.7 Middle East
1.8 Africa

2 Country Profiles
2.1 Western Europe
2.1.1 France Demand and revenues Production, capacities, and trade
2.1.2 Germany
2.1.3 Italy
2.1.4 Spain
2.1.5 The Netherlands
2.1.6 United Kingdom
2.1.7 Rest of Western Europe
2.2 Eastern Europe
2.2.1 Poland
2.2.2 Russia
2.2.3 Turkey
2.2.4 Rest of Eastern Europe
2.3 North America
2.3.1 Canada
2.3.2 Mexico
2.3.3 USA
2.4 South America
2.4.1 Argentina
2.4.2 Brazil
2.4.3 Rest of South America
2.5 Asia-Pacific
2.5.1 China
2.5.2 India
2.5.3 Indonesia
2.5.4 Japan
2.5.5 Malaysia
2.5.6 Taiwan
2.5.7 Thailand
2.5.8 South Korea
2.5.9 Rest of Asia-Pacific
2.6 Middle East
2.6.1 Iran
2.6.2 Saudi Arabia
2.6.3 Rest of Middle East

3 Applications
3.1 World
3.1.1 Packaging films
3.1.2 Bags and sacks
3.1.3 Other films
3.1.4 Rigid packaging
3.1.5 Construction products
3.1.6 Other applications
3.2 Western Europe
3.3 Eastern Europe
3.4 North America
3.5 South America
3.6 Asia-Pacific
3.7 Middle East
3.8 Africa

4 Company Profiles
4.1 Western Europe
4.1.1 Austria ( Producer)
4.1.2 France (1)
4.1.3 Italy (1)
4.1.4 Switzerland (1)
4.1.5 The Netherlands (2)
4.1.6 United Kingdom (1)
4.2 Eastern Europe
4.2.1 Belarus (1)
4.2.2 Russia (4)
4.3 North America
4.3.1 Canada (1)
4.3.2 Mexico (1)
4.3.3 USA (4)
4.4 South America
4.4.1 Brazil (1)
4.4.2 Peru (1)
4.4.3 Venezuela (1)
4.5 Asia-Pacific
4.5.1 China (10)
4.5.2 India (10)
4.5.3 Indonesia (1)
4.5.4 Japan (8)
4.5.5 Malaysia (1)
4.5.6 Singapore (1)
4.5.7 South Korea (6)
4.5.8 Taiwan (2)
4.5.9 Thailand (3)
4.5.10 The Philippines (1)
4.5.11 Vietnam (2)
4.6 Middle East
4.6.1 Iran (2)
4.6.2 Kazakhstan (2)
4.6.3 Kuwait (3)
4.6.4 Oman (1)
4.6.5 Qatar (2)
4.6.6 Saudi Arabia (5)
4.6.7 United Arab Emirates (2)
4.6.8 Uzbekistan (1)
4.7 Africa
4.7.1 Algeria (1)
4.7.2 Egypt (1)
4.7.3 Libya (1)
4.7.4 South Africa (1)



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