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Ceresana is a leading international market research and consultancy company for the industrial sector that operates branch offices in Constance, Vienna and Hong Kong. For more than 10 years, we have been supplying several thousand customers from 55 countries with up-to-date market intelligence. Building on our extensive market knowledge, we create new prospects for your strategic and operational decisions.

Our clients profit from implementation-oriented consulting services, tailor-made single-client studies and more than 60 multi-client market studies.

Gain the decisive competitive advantage and basis for your sustainable success by using our reliable services!



Latest news

08/2014 Market Study: Xylene
Ceresana is proud to announce a world premiere: We have compiled the first complete global market report on Xylene.

08/2014 Market Analysis: Solvents
Ceresana has completely revised and updated the most comprehensive and in-depth report on the global solvents market.

08/2014 Market Analysis: Propylene Value Chain China
With its newest market study Propylene Value Chain China, Ceresana is setting new standards!

08/2014 Market Study: Benzene (2nd Edition)
Ceresana has updated the most comprehensive and in-depth report on the global market on benzene.

07/2014 Market Report: Polyvinyl Chloride (3rd Edition)
The market researchers of Ceresana have updated the most comprehensive report on the global Polyvinyl Chloride market.

07/2014 Market Study: Propylene Value Chain USA
With this market study Ceresana is setting new standards: For the very first time this novelty product provides complete transparency regarding the entire propylene value chain in the US.

06/2014 Market Study: Plastic Containers - World
For the very first time Ceresana provides complete transparency of the global plastic containers market. This most comprehensive market analysis is exclusively available from us now.

06/2014 Market Study: Silicones
Ceresana has compiled the most comprehensive and in-depth analysis on the global silicones market.

06/2014 Our booth at the Fakuma 2014
FakumaCeresana will be represented with its own booth (B5-5216-3) at the Fakuma trade fair in Friedrichshafen from 14. - 18.10.2014. Simply drop by or arrange a meeting with us!

06/2014 Market Study: Bitumen - Europe
Ceresana has compiled the most comprehensive report on the European market on Bitumen.

06/2014 Current and Future Market Studies from Ceresana

Ceresana's current and future portfolio includes market studies on:

Bioplastics (3rd ed.)
Engineering Plastics (ABS, PC, PA, POM, PMMA, PBT, SAN, and fluoropolymers)
Expandable Polystyrene (2nd ed.) 
Polyethylene-HDPE (2nd ed.) (3rd ed. will be updated shortly)
Polyethylene-LDPE (2nd ed. will be updated shortly)
Polyethylene-LLDPE (2nd ed. will be updated shortly)
Polypropylene (2nd ed.) (3rd ed. will be updated shortly)
Polyurethanes and Isocyanates (MDI & TDI)
Polyvinyl Chloride (3rd ed.)
Synthetic Rubber (SBR, BR, IIR, CR, NBR, IR, and EPDM)
Thermoplastic Elastomers

Antioxidants (2nd ed.)
Biocides (2nd ed. will be updated shortly)
Fillers (3rd ed.)
Flame Retardants (3rd ed.)
Pigments (3rd ed.)
Plasticizers (3rd ed.)
Stabilizers (2nd ed.)

Benzene (2nd ed.)
Biobased Chemicals
Carbon Black
Chelating Agents (2nd ed.)  (3rd ed. will be updated shortly)
Chemicals for Cosmetics
Disinfectant Chemicals
Ethylene (2nd ed. will be updated shortly)
Hydrofluoric Acid and Fluorochemicals
Propylene (2nd ed. will be updated shortly)
Solvents (3rd ed.)
Surfactants (2nd ed. will be updated shortly)
Titanium Dioxide
Water Treatment Chemicals 

Bags and Sacks - Europe
Caps and Closures - Europe
Flexible Plastic Packaging - Europe
Plastic Bottles - Europe
Plastic Caps and Closures - Europe

Plastic Caps and Closures - World
Plastic Containers - World
Plastic Films - World

Adhesives - Europe (2nd ed.) 
Adhesives - World
Batteries - World
Bitumen - Europe
Cement - World
Doors and Windows - Europe
Insulation Material - Europe
Paints and Varnishes - Europe (2nd ed.)
Paints and Varnishes - World
Pipes - Europe
Plastic Pipes - Europe (2nd ed.)

Plastic Pipes - World
Printing Inks - World
Roofing - Europe
Siding - World 

Ammonia - World
Crop Protection - World
Fertilizers - Europe (2nd ed. will be updated shortly)
Fertilizers - World
Urea - World 

Ethylene-Value Chain China
Ethylene-Value Chain USA
Propylene-Value Chain China
Propylene-Value Chain USA 


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