• 05/2016 Market Report: Flame Retardants (4th ed.)

    Ceresana has updated the most comprehensive and in-depth report on the global flame retardants market. The market is analysed for 7 regions and 16 countries regarding revenues and demand (split by the applications: construction materials, electrics & electronics, wires & cables, and transport industry as well as split by the products: Aluminum trihydroxide (ATH), Brominated compounds, Chlorinated compounds, Organophosphorus and Antimony compounds).

  • 05/2016 Market Study: Printing Inks (2nd ed.)

    Ceresana has completely updated the study on the global printing inks market. Demand, revenues and production are analyzed regarding printing processes (offset, gravure, flexography, digital) and applications (newspaper, books, magazines, commercial printing, packaging).

  • 04/2016 Market Study: Fillers (Calcium carbonate, GCC, PCC, Carbon black, Kaolin, Talc)

    Ceresana has completely updated the report on the global fillers market: Demand and revenues in 7 world regions and 16 countries for the applications paper, plastics, paints and varnishes, elastomers as well as adhesives and sealants.

  • 03/2016 Market Study: Petrochemicals and Plastics - Iran

    Ceresana presents the first study on the Iranian market of petrochemicals and plastics: The in-depth report analyzes methanol, ethylene, propylene, butadiene / butylene, and benzene / toluene / xylene as well as their derivatives.

  • 03/2016 Market Study: Pigments (4th edition)

    The most comprehensive and in-depth global market report on pigments (Titanium dioxide, carbon black, iron oxide, other inorganic pigments, and organic pigments) was updated by Ceresana. The study analyzes the development of revenues, demand, and production for the application areas paints and varnishes, plastics, paper, construction materials as well as printing inks.

  • 03/2016 Market Analysis: Insulation Materials - World

    Ceresana has compiled the most comprehensive and in-depth report on the global insulation (EPS & XPS, PUR, Glass wool, Stone wool) market. Analyses and forecasts for 16 countries: Production and demand split by material, Import and export volumes, as well as Revenues.

  • 02/2016 Market Report: Paints and Varnishes (2nd edition)

    Ceresana has updated the most comprehensive and in-depth report on the global paints and varnishes market split by the types acrylics, vinyls, alkyd, epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, other polymers as well as split by the applications construction, transportation, wood processing, and industry products.