• 09/2017 Market Report: Plastic Caps & Closures - Europe (2nd ed.):

    Ceresana examined the European market for plastic caps and closures already for the second time: demand, production, as well as import and export for 21 countries from 2008 to 2024. Furthermore, demand volume per country is split by the application areas: lemonades, water, fruit juices, other non-alcoholic beverages, beer, wine & spirits, food, as well as cosmetics & pharma.

  • 09/2017 Market Study: Adhesives - World (3rd ed.)

    Ceresana analyzed the global market for adhesives for the 3rd time already. The study focusses on demand, revenues, production, and trade for the world, 7 regions, and 17 countries from 2008 to 2024. The demand in the following applications is analyzed: paper & packaging, construction industry, wood processing, transportation industry, shoes & leather as well as consumer goods. Demand and production are divided into the product types: vinyls, acrylics, polyurethane, elastomers, and epoxy. Further, the consumption is divided into technologies: water-borne adhesives, hot melt adhesives, solvent-borne adhesives, and reactive adhesives.

  • 08/2017 Market Report: Windows and Doors - Europe (2nd ed.)

    The market for windows and doors in Europe and 23 countries is already analyzed for the second time in regard to demand, revenues, production, and trade. Demand and production are split by material types: windows – wood, windows – plastics, windows – metal and material combinations, doors – wood, doors – plastics, and doors – metal and material combinations. Furthermore, demand of the eight largest countries is split by new constructions and renovations.

  • 08/2017 Market Analysis: Polyethylene - HDPE (4th edition)

    The global HDPE market has already been analyzed for the 4th time regarding trade, production, demand, and revenues. The demand was split into the following segments: Flexible packaging, rigid packaging, construction, transportation, industry / E&E, and others. Additionally, the demand was split into the following technologies: injection molding, blow molding, extrusion – films, extrusion – pipes & profiles as well as others.

  • 08/2017 Market Analysis: Insulation Materials - Europe (2nd ed.)

    The completely revised market study on the European market for insulation material provides you with: market analyses on production, demand, as well as revenues and trade in 18 individual countries. Furthermore, demand for insulation material is split by the product types: polystyrene (EPS and XPS), polyurethane (PUR), glass wool, and stone wool.

  • 08/2017 Market Study: Plasticizers (4th ed.)

    The already fourth edition of the market study on plasticizers includes data on demand and revenues as well as demand volume per application area for 45 countries and 7 world regions. Furthermore, Ceresana provides a detailed presentation and influential factors of the individual applications: profiles, films, cables, floorings, other plastics, elastomers, paints & varnishes, as well as adhesives.

  • 08/2017 Market Report: Polypropylene - PP (4th edition)

    The most comprehensive analysis on the global market for PP includes demand, revenues, and production from 2008 to 2024. Furthermore, 27 countries are examined: demand per product type (homopolymer / copolymer), demand per application, demand split by processing technologies (injection molding / films & sheets – extrusion / other extrusion / other technologies), production and capacities, import, export, and revenues. The following applications are taken into account: flexible packaging, rigid packaging, fibers, transportation, E&E, consumer goods, construction industry, and others.